October 2013 and November 2013

Hey everyone! Wow, I don’t know where to start about the past few months. As some of you may know last school year there was a big issue going on at Washburn involving my dad. As a result he was asked to not return to Washburn as their athletic director. Fortunately my dad was able to find a new job with the Rockford School District! He is their “activities director” this is almost identical to being an AD but he is also oversees the activities that go on at school. With all this being said my parents put our home of 16 years on the market with the intent of moving to Rockford. The house sold earlier than expected and we had to be out November 12th. Both my parents and myself scrambled to find new homes. My parents have plans to build on land so they found a temporary home in Long Lake at an apartment complex, and I ended up finding a duplex in Minneapolis with a coworker and friend.
Through all that madness I was still trying to balance school as well as my graduation path. When I came to Concordia 3 years ago I always knew that I wasn’t going to graduate on time. As I continued my education at Concordia my advisor went back and forth about my estimated graduation date. With the information she provided me, I went into this year knowing that I would take a full semester load for the fall, and only have 7-10 credits to take in the spring. With the expected graduation date to be spring of 2014.
2 weeks ago, I had my mandatory graduation audit done, it was here where we found that I was 1 credit short of graduating in December. This was very bitter-sweet for me and my parents. I was very excited to know that next semester would be a breeze.. but also very disappointed because had I known that information I would have taken an extra class with no additional cost to me (because when you take 15-19 credits there is no additional cost for classes). My parents and I talked about our concerns and issues and I ended up meeting with a head advisor at Concordia. I did this because my advisor is no longer located at Concordia, she is living in Arizona so all communication is done through email and phone calls.
During my meeting the head advisor was extremely apologetic for the oversight. They told me that because the semester is almost over and more than half way done there are no classes for me to quickly be added to. I left the meeting thinking that there was nothing that could be done. Not even an hour after my meeting I received a call asking how serious I was about graduating and how much work I wanted to put in. the advisor made me promise to not tell other students and to not let her down, but because I was willing to put the work in that she would enter me in an online class. ILL BE GRADUATING IN DECEMBER!!
This has yet to sink in for me, because I was added to that class so late I have a whole semester to make up and finish in 3 weeks, in addition to my 15 credits that I had been taking all semester long. Classes end next Friday and finals begin that following Monday. I cannot begin to explain how overwhelmed I feel but I know that the end is near.
As of now I’m half way done with my online class, I have about 10 more short papers to write and ill be done with that class. My communication class is starting to unwind, we have a major group presentation due tomorrow in class and a final. In my writing class I have a final paper due as well as the final, my religion class also has a major research paper along with a final and lastly my biology class has a group health project, a few more labs and a final. It all seems to be due at once, but I know I will finish out the semester strong.
When thinking about what I am going to do after I graduate I tend to feel really uneasy. I’m trying to slowly get out of the service industry and into a 9-5 lifestyle but I don’t know what I want to do. As of now I’m no longer interested in criminal justice, and I’m trying to look at other options. I’ve reached out to a few people and businesses for internship or part-time job opportunities but haven’t landed anything yet. I’m extremely excited to be done with school though! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and hope all is well with you, your families and Concord. Thank you,

Emma 🙂


September 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice summer and that all is well with you and your families. Well, I’m back at it for a 5th year! Lucky for me It won’t be a full 24 credit year because I only have 19 credits left to take. I chose to take 15 this semester and 4 in the spring so I can focus on my classes and finish up school with good grades. This semester I am taking an Intro to Biology class, a religion class called Martin Luther: saint and sinner, interpersonal communications and an Introduction to literature class. Although it might not look hard, it most defiantly is. Each class has been very demanding even though its only 4 weeks into the semester.

                Next spring I’m very unsure with what I am going to do, I’ve kicked around the idea of doing another internship or some volunteer work but haven’t made any decisions. I won’t be graduated, but will only be taking one night class. I thought about applying to some jobs to fill in the time that I will have but I don’t want bartending to be my main job after college.

                This past summer I finished up my internship and worked three jobs. I started off just working at the Library Bar and then my boyfriend got me a job at a club downtown and as if that wasn’t enough I ended up applying for a third job at station 280 in St. Paul. My family took a long 23 hour road trip to Tybee Island in Georgia and we spent 12 days there for our last family vacation (my sister started college this year).  It was a perfect vacation because when we returned both my brother and sister left for college.

                Around the time that we got back from vacation I was asked by my old high school coach to coach a team for Washburn, I gladly accepted! I cut down to only bartending 3 nights a week and now coaching Washburn’s B squad team. Coaching soccer has been a huge challenge but most defiantly worth it. I finally started feeling comfortable, learned how to communicate with the girls and got more confident. I still have much to learn but it very nice that I can still be a part of soccer even though I am done playing.

                My parents about 3 weeks ago put our house up on the market, my dad found a new job in Rockford MN and the plan is for my mom to find a job out there and to move. At first I was very hurt by this decision but the more we talked as a family I realized it was what my parents wanted. So if anyone wants to buy a house let me know 🙂

I would like to thank everyone for everything you do for me, and I hope you have a wonderful day!




March 2013

Hey everybody!

Hope all is well with you and your families! This past month or so has been going extremely well; I’m still at my internship working 30+ hours a week to fulfill the 450 hour requirement, and taking my one class at school. The class is a careers class for criminal justice and essentially we are supposed to be exploring the different jobs that would be available to us after graduation but I’m not exactly getting that out of the class. The professor gets sidetracked extremely easily and students take advantage of that so majority of our class time is not spent researching jobs. One thing that we are currently working on in class is a resume for jobs after college and an informational interview. Both of these are extremely helpful for my upcoming years.  Although, both are tedious, I’m happy that I am being forced to do them.

My Internship has shown me a different world; it’s been a great experience for me. This past month I was assigned to help with a murder case. Instead of following the lawyers like I have been doing, I’m assisting the investigators. The job of the investigator is to talk to witnesses or family members, confirm information and search for any information or questions to help the public defender strengthen their case. This part of my internship has been extremely fun because I’ve been able to look at the autopsy of the victim, review police reports, make timelines and just add a young perspective to things. Within the next week our goal is for me to follow the entire case through the jury selection all the way to the sentencing. I haven’t been able to see this because some cases that were expected to go trail didn’t because of numerous different reasons, and the cases that were in trial settled early. Not many cases make it for trial so hopefully this case won’t settle.

Along with working on the murder case I also was able to spend a week in juvenile court; this is very similar but different than adult court. I feel that it takes a special person to work with juveniles only because many cases are CHIPS cases. These are where the parents for whatever reason have been found unfit or are having issues raising their kids. In some CHIPS cases the kids are taken from the parents and re-located, this is extremely hard to see and to be a part of. In other cases the parents are presented a step by step program to prove to the court that they have the resources and desire to keep their kids. These CHIPS cases range from too many absences in school to a parent having sexual relations with a child. My time in the juvenile court like adult court, has been eye-opening, but also frustrating because most of the time I don’t agree with the “deal” that the prosecutor is offering to the client.

The internship has allowed me to look at all different kinds of jobs that will be available to me after college such as a lawyer, police officer, medical examiner, probation officer, judge, clerk and the list continues. Through spending every day in court I’ve been able to weed out the jobs I’m not interested and ask more questions about the jobs that do interest me. It has also allowed me to meet and talk with all different kinds of people. This experience has shown me that the criminal justice system is extremely corrupt and life changing for anyone that passes through the system. It’s because of this that I started questioning if I was willing to be a part of it. I understand that anywhere you go you will run into people who do wrong or lie but this is different. To be a felon, or have any kind of criminal record is life changing: rights are taken away, if pulled over many people are treated poorly because of their criminal history, people can’t get jobs, and they lose their kids and can’t find a home. When people step foot out of the jail or court house their life will be changed forever and to be a part of that is what I’m questioning.

I only have about a month left of school, I’m considering taking one summer class to lighten my load for the fall. I’m in the process of confirming when I’ll be able to graduate but as of now my advisor is saying December. I hope all is well with everyone, thank you for everything.


January 2013

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays and all is well! It’s the beginning of a new Spring Semester! This semester is extremely different for me in the way that I won’t be taking 16 credits in the traditional classroom but instead I’ll be taking one 2 credit class, my last required class for my major as well as a 12 credit internship! My class is going well, unfortunately it’s not a very interesting class because it’s mostly about preparing for the internship that I am doing currently but because I needed 2 more credits in my major it seemed to be the best fit with my schedule.

This past three weeks I’ve been extremely busy. Before break I had a meeting with my advisor regarding starting my internship January 7th. I was choosing to start early because I am only available Monday through Thursday and a half say Tuesday due to my one other class. But things didn’t go as planned we had a few issues regarding the system through Concordia and my records. We eventually got it figured out, but with a 3 week delay. This past Monday was my first day working with the Public Defender’s office downtown! I will be helping out with various tasks in their office from data entry, to gathering statics, updating books of information for them as well as just learning what exactly they do. I’ll spend time with different lawyers on many different cases. I’ll be following cases anywhere from felonies, misdemeanors, sex crimes, juveniles and shadowing judges. I’ll be meeting clients in jail, working with a probation officer, possibility of watching an autopsy and work with police officers.

This internship opportunity presented itself because my dad coaches my sister on her high school softball team, my sister’s teammate parents are both public defenders work in the same office. Over the course of the years both my parents and my sister have gotten to know this family pretty well. When talking to them about my education as well as my major, the idea that I could spend my 450 hours with them in their office was presented. I was hesitant because I don’t want to become a lawyer, but when I shadowed one of them for a day I realized that this give a great view of the criminal justice system.
This past week I’ve been following a criminal sex case, with one of the top lawyers in the office, it ended up being perfect timing because Monday was the start of this case. I was able to see them talk with the prosecutor in the beginning with the judge and now we have had three days of jury selection. It’s been a very tedious and through process the past three days but it has been so educational. The lawyer has me meeting his client, helping with investigation of the case as well as sorting out all the statements from the victims. I feel very involved and welcomed from everyone in the office. I’m excited to see what opportunities this will bring.

I couldn’t be happier with my internship and the opportunity’s that it brings me; I hope that everyone is doing well in the office.


November 2012

I know I say it every time but wow this semester is really going by fast, I can’t believe that next week I have all my finals! With that being said, I hope all is well with everyone!

This past month has been extremely busy with papers, projects, presentations, assignments and just keeping up with reading for classes. I feel like at the end of every semester teachers feel the pressure and are rushed to cram everything in.  My classes are keeping me extremely busy and all require crazy amounts of homework all due at once.

In my painting class I have my final painting due next week, the assignment is to do a diptych opposite painting. The painting will have two canvases that will make the piece one, but when you look at one canvas the painting doesn’t make sense but together they do.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this class because it brings a nice balance to my homework, painting its effortless and doesn’t require much thinking where papers are stressful and tend to overwhelm me. I’ve even considered taking another painting class in the fall of next year.

My communication class has demanded quite a bit of my attention lately because we had to do a group final presentation on social media. This has been extremely enjoyable because my professor is extremely dynamic in teaching and really knows how to grab people’s attention, but also my group has been super fun because it’s a diverse group of people and we have fun and enjoy working together.

My CPR class is going good I really like my professor. He understands it’s a 1 credit class and doesn’t require much busy work but rather more hands on things in class.  My last class that I am taking is my good meets evil class, my last religion requirement. This class has by far been the most challenging class of this semester. My professor is requiring three papers for our final so it’s keeping me extremely busy.

Last week I met with my advisor to set up and plan my internship for next semester and she gave me the go, so now all I have is the paperwork to fill out and I’ll be starting early to mid-January! The plan is that I’ll be working with this couple that have been public defenders for 30+ years now downtown. I’ll follow them through cases and trials, follow judges, work with the investigative side of cases and work with their clients in the jails. I’m extremely excited to have this experience because I think it will give me insight into the criminal justice system through a public defender and criminal aspects.

Once again I hope all is well with everyone and enjoy the holidays 🙂 !


October 2012

I know I say this every time but wow this school year has really started to go by fast. Hope everyone had a good Halloween! For the first time I did nothing but stay home and help my parents pass out candy it was a very nice change! Well, this past month hasn’t been much different from the last other than soccer ended. We were extremely close to being able to continue into the conference tournament but lost to Winona to end the season. We improved since last year so one can’t complain about improvement! Since the ending of soccer I’ve decided to look for another job, I just don’t do well in school when I have too much time on my hands so this is the best decision for me! I think I am going to continue to bartend so for jobs ill be looking at hotels and bars downtown. I haven’t started looking but I’m thinking next week that will have to be my task.

School is going well! Got my midterm grades back and I’m pleased at the outcome of them! I really am happy I took the painting class it has really helped balance my schedule. We are on our 3rd assignment of the semester the assignment is that we have to paint something of our choice on a minimum of 10 surfaces (also of our choice). It’s an extremely broad assignment one to challenge our color placement as well as creativity and I’m struggling on finding something to paint. I have until Monday so I still have some time.

My communication class surprisingly not as challenging, I’m not sure if it comes naturally to me or if I just understand the material but either way I’m not complaining this seems to be a first for me throughout my college experience and I like it! I would have to say that my most challenging class that I struggle to remain focused in would be my Evil meets Good class. I say this because he teaches the class in such a different way its hard to really be engaged because when you ask a question or state an answer he plays devils advocate and responds with a question. It’s extremely hard to take seriously when he stretches stories or examples to fit the lecture. Today was my first day of CPR and we showed up and exchanged names and literally 10 min into class we were done. Most of the class looks to be through the CPR website and our assignments and lectures are all online. We only meet to work on the people dummies to learn hands on things.

Its been really nice to be done with soccer because since its been done I was finally able to go see my brother at his school. I’m the only one in my family that has yet to see his school and watch him at a swim meet so that was really nice! Feel like with soccer you miss out on things like that because they keep you so busy.

So far things are going well and I’m staying on top of my work. Still in the process of working with my internship and setting it up for the upcoming spring semester I’m extremely excited to start it and when final details get finalized ill explain more about it! Its getting cold out there I hope you are all staying healthy and warm! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Thank you everyone,


September 2012

Hey everyone!!

            Sorry it took so long to blog I ran into some complications regarding my account through WordPress, but we got it figured out. I can’t believe it’s this time of year again; it seems like school and my Concord experience just started yesterday! I sure do hope that all of you are doing great as well as your families!!

            Senior year of college has been going great! I’m only taking 12 credits because next semester ill be doing my internship and next fall ill take 12 more to graduate (I am 12 short to graduate on time). This semester I’m taking painting 1, my 2nd required religion class, communication and CPR. Painting has been extremely challenging but in a good way, I love that there is no studying involved and all hands on projects. I have no problem pulling an all nighter with painting because I turn on my iPod and just start painting and before I know it its morning. I’m really enjoying this class and my professor. My Communication class is defiantly my favorite class that I have taken at Concordia, maybe It’s because of my professor and how she teaches the class but maybe its just the information that we learn. Regardless, the class really has my attention and applies to my every day life and relationships. My religion class might be my hardest class only because of how it’s taught. It’s a 4 hour class once a week and the entire class is on analyzing the good and evil throughout the Bible; ultimately deciding if God is good or evil. The concept is interesting but its full of “what if” situations so it’s frustrating by the 2nd hour of the class. CPR actually hasn’t started yet, its half a semester class so it doest start until the 24th of this month. So ill keep you posted next month with how that class is.

            I figured out my Internship for next semester! I believe I mentioned this before but at Concordia to graduate everyone has to do a 12-credit internship within his or her major. This past summer I was able to figure out where I’m going to work at! My sister plays softball with a girl whose parents are both public defenders downtown and their office could use a little help. I know I don’t want to be a public defender but they will be able to show me the investigative side of their cases, ill be able to sit in on trials, talk with judges, and get to know the criminal justice system a little better. I’m extremely excited that I was able to get the opportunity!

            This past summer I was promoted to becoming a bartender at my job so that’s been extremely challenging to learn but also get use to the horrible hours.  I’ve been able to keep this job though the soccer season because of the promotion so it’s been a great job to have! Because of the late hours and trying to work around class and practice I was able to set up my schedule so I wont have class until 1 in the afternoon so lack of sleep isn’t an issue. I’m actually in the process of looking into getting another job as soon as the season is over with so ill have to start looking here pretty quick!

            I can’t believe that the holidays are approaching us and winter is near! Again, I’m extremely sort for how late I posted the blog; I hope all is well with everyone!

Have a good week,

            Emma 🙂